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Learn Bitcoin training lessons - from the basics, technical analysis and lastly key concepts - learn Bitcoin trading for beginners lessons discussed below are divided into the following Main Courses: Bitcoin Trading Basics, Technical Analysis and Key Concepts.

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Bitcoin Trading Chart

Learn Bitcoin Trading Lessons - Introduction to BTCUSD Trading - Learn Bitcoin Trading Training Lessons

Bitcoin Trading Charts

About Bitcoin Trading Charts

From the chart above a trader can quickly determine the direction of the Bitcoin price from the price movements.

The first part prices are moving upwards in an upward trend, then they start to move down in a downward market trend and then finally the prices move upward in an upward market trend.

As a beginner trader wanting to trade Bitcoin you will have to learn how to analyze these market movements.

Bitcoin Trading Explained Tutorials - Introduction to Online Bitcoin Trading - Learn Bitcoin Trading Tutorial Lessons

For example on our chart above we use the moving average crossover trading system which is a combination of two moving averages and these two moving averages are used to show the direction of the market trend.